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How to Know What Apple Watch Series I Have: Easy Steps

How To Know What Apple Watch Series I Have: Joining the league of 100 million Apple Watch users worldwide, you may be wondering ‘how to know what Apple Watch series I have‘? You’re not alone! A recent study by Statista revealed that 80% of Apple Watch users are not familiar with the series of their watch. This uncertainty can be particularly challenging when it comes to software updates or compatibility with other Apple devices. Understanding your Apple Watch series can greatly enhance your user experience and understanding of its capabilities.

Understanding the Different Apple Watch Series

SeriesNotable Features
Series 1Dual-core S1P processor, splash-resistant, watchOS 3
Series 2Built-in GPS, brighter display, watchOS 3
Series 3Cellular connectivity option, altimeter, watchOS 4
Series 4ECG app, improved heart rate monitoring, watchOS 5
Series 5Always-On display, compass, watchOS 6
Series 6Blood oxygen monitoring, U1 chip, watchOS 7
Series 7Larger and more resilient display, faster processor

Each new release of the Apple Watch introduces a unique blend of features and improvements, leading to a fascinating tapestry of models and generations. What started as a cool gadget has evolved into a health and lifestyle game-changer, thanks to Apple’s commitment to constant innovation. Wondering how to know what Apple Watch series you have? To get started, it’s crucial to grasp the distinctions among the various series.

Apple has launched several series over the years, each boasting a new set of features. For instance, the Series 4 introduced ECG capabilities, while the Series 5 brought in the Always-On display. The latest models, like the Series 7, came loaded with a slew of advancements such as larger and more resilient screens, faster processors, and enhanced health features. In other words, it’s a continuous journey of outdoing oneself in the world of Apple Watches.

To appreciate the breadth of the Apple Watch evolution, take a moment to visit our comprehensive guide here. You can also explore this helpful resource from iPhone Life for a quick snapshot of the series differences.

The Physical Differences of Each Series

How To Know What Apple Watch Series I Have

The physical characteristics of each Apple Watch series are a treasure trove of clues to help identify them. From size and weight to display quality, each series has its own tell-tale signs.

Did you know the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 both sport the same dimensions of 38mm and 42mm, while Series 3 through 6 are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes? The Series 7 goes even bigger with a 41mm and 45mm design. Your watch’s size could be a significant clue in unraveling its series.

Weight, too, can be an indicator, albeit a less reliable one. As a fun fact, the Series 6 in its 44mm variant weighs 36.4 grams, while the Series 7 equivalent scales at a heftier 45.1 grams.

Display quality has seen gradual improvement over time, with Retina Displays and increased pixel density making their way into newer models. Series 4 onward, you will find a stunning LTPO OLED Always-On display – a visual treat that stays active even when your wrist is down.

Color options and available bands have been expanding and diversifying with each series, adding to the list of physical characteristics that can help you identify your watch’s lineage. A rainbow of aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium finishes, coupled with a dizzying array of bands, can provide vital series-specific hints.

For a deep dive into the physical attributes of each series, you can check out our detailed guide here. Knowledge is power, and with these insights, you’re well on your way to becoming an Apple Watch series identification pro.

How To Know What Apple Watch Series I Have: A Visual Guide

Who needs a private detective when you can become one yourself? If you’ve been scratching your head wondering, “How To Know What Apple Watch Series I Have,” fret no more. With a keen eye, your watch itself can spill the beans! The secret lies in the visual cues and model numbers.

Every Apple Watch carries a model number, which is like its unique DNA. You can find this number on the back of your watch. It usually begins with the letter ‘A’ and is followed by four digits.

Not a fan of tiny texts on the back of your watch? This guide from WikiHow will walk you through visual cues that can also help you identify your Apple Watch series.

Locating and Using the Apple Watch App

Apple Watch Series App Identification

The Apple Watch app on your iPhone is like the Rosetta Stone for your watch. It speaks the language of your Apple Watch and translates it for you. This app can be your best buddy to determine your Apple Watch series. Here’s how.

Once you open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap on ‘My Watch’ and then ‘General.’ Within this, you’ll find the ‘About’ section. This section is like your watch’s resume. It lists everything you need to know about your Apple Watch, including the model, series, system version, and more.

Did you know that your Apple Watch’s name also corresponds to the series? For instance, ‘Apple Watch SE’ means you own an SE series. If it’s simply ‘Apple Watch’, you’re likely the proud owner of the first series.

For additional support, check out this Apple Support Page that elaborates on identifying your Apple Watch model.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, there’s nothing stopping you from confidently identifying your Apple Watch series. Go ahead, surprise your friends with your newfound expertise!

Diving Deeper into the Apple Watch Settings

Apple Watch Series Settings Dive

If you love mysteries, you’ll definitely enjoy this part of the journey. It’s time to dive deep into your Apple Watch’s settings to uncover clues about its series.

Just like a treasure map, your watch’s settings menu holds the key to its identity. To begin, press the digital crown on your Apple Watch, open ‘Settings’, then tap ‘General’, and finally ‘About’. Voilà! You’ve discovered a goldmine of information, including your watch’s model, version, and series.

Each series of Apple Watch introduces unique software features. For instance, the ECG app is exclusively available on Series 4 and later, while Family Setup was introduced with Series 6.

Verifying Your Apple Watch Series Online

Now that you’ve become a pro at identifying your Apple Watch series, how about getting a digital stamp of approval? Apple’s online serial number check allows you to verify your findings.

On your watch, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘About’ to find the serial number. Enter this number into Apple’s online check, and you’ll receive an official confirmation about your watch’s series, model, and more.

Our step-by-step guide on Apple Watch online verification will walk you through the process.

But why go through all this trouble to know your Apple Watch series? The benefits are many. From troubleshooting issues more effectively, knowing the right accessories to buy, to getting the best price when selling your watch – the series information is vital.

Moreover, knowing your Apple Watch series enables you to make the most of your watch by fully understanding its capabilities. For example, if you’re not aware that you own a Series 5, you might never discover its always-on display feature.

For more insights on identifying your Apple Watch series and understanding its benefits, check out this in-depth article on Flipsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Apple Watch series available?

Apple has released seven series of watches so far: The original Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7.

How can I find out the series of my Apple Watch?

To identify the series of your Apple Watch, look at the back of the watch. This is where the series and case size would normally be engraved.

What if I can’t see any engraving on my Apple Watch?

If there is no engraving on the back of your Apple Watch, check the ‘About’ section in your Apple Watch app on your iPhone for product and model details.

Does knowing my Apple Watch series impact software updates?

Yes, knowing your Apple Watch series is important for software updates as not all updates are compatible with all watch series.

Can the band of my Apple watch help to identify its series?

The band of the watch could potentially give you a hint, but it’s not a reliable source as bands are often interchangeable.


Recognizing the importance of understanding ‘how to know what Apple Watch series I have‘, we know that it’s not as complicated as it seems. It is just a matter of looking at the back of your watch for an engraving or, alternatively, checking the ‘About’ section on your iPhone. This knowledge allows you to navigate updates or new features with ease and ensures the compatibility of your devices.

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