GPS Vs Unlocked Apple Watch Face-off

GPS vs Unlocked Apple Watch: Which One Should You Buy?

GPS Vs Unlocked Apple Watch: Are you trying to decide between a GPS-only model or an unlocked Apple Watch? Confused about the differences and benefits of both? According to Statista, the smartwatch market share of Apple in 2021 was over 30% globally, and a significant portion of users are inflicted with this dilemma – ‘gps vs unlocked Apple watch’. This article aims to address such concerns, laying out the pros and cons, and helping you make an informed decision.

So, What Exactly is a GPS Apple Watch?

GPS Apple Watch in a Fitness Setting

When it comes to GPS Apple Watches, they’re fantastic little devices for keeping up with your daily digital life. They have all the pizazz of the latest tech – think fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, Apple Pay, and of course, the ability to tell time.

Now, this version of the Apple Watch is a bit of a homebody. It loves to stay close to its iPhone buddy. You see, without an iPhone in range, this Apple Watch won’t let you make calls, send texts, or use data. It’s like having a mini iPhone on your wrist, but it still needs its big brother around to truly shine.

For more info on the nitty-gritty of GPS Apple Watches, this link is quite handy.

The Ins and Outs of an Unlocked (Cellular) Apple Watch

Unlocked Apple Watch in Outdoor Adventure

Next up, let’s delve into the world of Unlocked, or Cellular, Apple Watches. This one’s a bit more of a lone ranger. Picture all those cool features of the GPS watch – got it? Good. Now add in standalone cellular connectivity. This means your watch can function independently from an iPhone. So, whether you’re out for a run, taking a dip in the pool, or you’ve simply left your iPhone at home, your watch still stays connected.

A bit of a superhero, right? Well, sort of. It gives you the freedom to move without being tied to your phone – literally. This is not only perfect for the fitness fanatics and outdoor adventurers among us but also for those who like to step out without their iPhones weighing them down.

If you’re curious about how an Unlocked Apple Watch could make your life easier, here is a resource that does a great job explaining it.

Whether it’s the GPS model or the Unlocked version, both these devices are remarkable in their own right. But when it comes to ‘Gps Vs Unlocked Apple Watch’, it all boils down to your individual needs. Just like choosing between vanilla and chocolate ice cream – they’re both fantastic, but you might prefer one over the other!

Let’s Compare: Main Differences between GPS and Unlocked Apple Watch

Enter the face-off between the GPS and Unlocked Apple Watch – it’s like a tech version of a heavyweight boxing match! Both come packed with top-notch features, but there are some key distinctions that might sway your vote.

The GPS model is like a shadow, never straying too far from its iPhone counterpart. Without its partner in crime, the GPS model loses some of its pizzazz – unable to make calls, send texts, or surf the net. You might say it has a bit of separation anxiety.

On the other hand, the Unlocked Apple Watch dances to its own beat. With built-in cellular connectivity, it maintains it’s cool even when it’s away from an iPhone. You can take a call during your run or reply to texts while swimming – pretty much enjoy all the perks of an iPhone but on your wrist!

However, this freedom doesn’t come free. There are additional costs for cellular service on the Unlocked model. Something to consider when making your choice.

For more in-depth comparisons, this link lays it out nicely.

‘Gps Vs Unlocked Apple Watch’: Let’s Talk Money

CostGPS Apple WatchUnlocked Apple Watch
Initial PriceLowerHigher
Cellular ServiceNot RequiredAdditional Cost
Total CostLower Overall CostHigher Overall Cost

Choosing between GPS and Unlocked Apple Watch also involves a little wallet workout. As we’ve seen, the Unlocked model comes with a higher price tag – but does it mean more bang for your buck?

Let’s break it down. The GPS model is more affordable upfront, but you’re a bit tied down. For those who prefer a lighter feel to their pockets (and wrists!), it might be a perfect match.

Now, the Unlocked Apple Watch is pricier, sure. But the extra cost gives you added freedom. If you fancy being untethered from your iPhone and love the idea of answering calls straight from your wrist, it might be worth the extra cash.

The bottom line is, the “value for money” winner depends on you and your needs. Like choosing between a bike and a car – if you love to cycle and care about the environment, the higher cost of the car may not provide you any more value!

For more insights on this, check out this resource.

The best choice in the ‘Gps Vs Unlocked Apple Watch’ debate is the one that aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Be sure to weigh up the features, costs, and how you plan to use your Apple Watch before making the final decision.

GPS Vs Unlocked Apple Watch

When Do You Go for a GPS Apple Watch?

In the “GPS vs Unlocked Apple Watch” showdown, the GPS model takes the cake for those who keep their iPhones close to heart (or rather, pocket!). Ideal for those who don’t mind the iPhone sidekick role, it provides most of the Apple Watch features without the extra cellular costs.

Let’s be real. If you’re most likely to check your heart rate while streaming Netflix than during a mountain hike, the GPS version will do just fine. Or perhaps you’re a budget-conscious techie, then this is a clear winner.

When Should You Choose an Unlocked (Cellular) Apple Watch?

If you’ve ever felt the urge to ditch your phone for a while (but still stay connected), or you’re an outdoor fitness enthusiast, the Unlocked Apple Watch is your buddy. With standalone cellular capabilities, it brings an iPhone-esque experience to your wrist. It’s like taking your dog for a walk, and it fetches your calls, texts, and data!

Do you love untangling yourself from the web of wires and devices? This watch could be the superhero you need. It’s perfect for those who fancy a swim or a run while still being reachable.

User Reviews – Hear it from the Horse’s Mouth!

To round off the ‘GPS vs Unlocked Apple Watch’ battle, let’s bring in the referees – the users themselves. After all, they’re the ones using these devices in real-life scenarios, right?

There’s a wealth of feedback out there. Like this review where a user enjoys the flexibility of the Unlocked model, despite some battery life compromises.

On the other side, this user raves about the GPS model, appreciating its fitness tracking and integration with the iPhone.

What works for one person might not for another. User reviews provide valuable insights, but your own needs and lifestyle should be the final deciding factors in the ‘GPS vs Unlocked Apple Watch’ debate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a GPS and an unlocked Apple Watch?

A GPS-only Apple Watch solely utilizes its built-in Global Positioning System for navigation services and requires an iPhone. In contrast, an unlocked Apple Watch has an additional LTE/Cellular feature, enabling it to function independently from an iPhone.

Does an unlocked Apple Watch still require GPS?

While an unlocked Apple Watch comes equipped with LTE/Cellular capability, it also contains a built-in GPS for navigation services, making it useful even without a cellular connection.

Is an unlocked Apple Watch more expensive than a GPS one?

Generally, an unlocked Apple Watch with cellular connectivity is more expensive than a GPS-only model due to the added functionality it provides.

Can I use a GPS Apple Watch without an iPhone?

A GPS Apple Watch requires an iPhone for almost all its functionalities including calls, messages, and data sync. However, it can track workouts and play music without an iPhone if the data was previously synced.

Which is better for me, GPS or an unlocked Apple Watch?

The choice between a GPS and an unlocked Apple Watch depends on your needs. If you wish to leave your iPhone behind and still be able to make calls, texts, and use apps, an unlocked Apple Watch is the better choice. However, if you always have your iPhone with you, a GPS Apple Watch could be sufficient and cost-effective.


Resolving the ‘GPS vs unlocked Apple watch’ deliberation, it’s essentially about understanding your needs and what you expect from your wearable device. With the information provided, hopefully, now, you can make an informed and best-suited choice. Don’t forget to check out our other guides for more tech insights and advice.

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